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Lakes & Dams Tuition Trip in July – Club Weekend.

This popular event, held the last weekend of July each year, is run to share and impart fly fishing knowledge and skills to beginners, new members and indeed any member that wishes to improve their skills. It has always included a good mixture of differing levels of fly fishing members. Last year was no different, and we had 16 members of varying levels. It’s also a great way for new members to meet existing members. It’s also a great weekend away during winter and the closed river season. We will be staying at the Black and Gold Country Cabins at Wallerawang, arriving Friday, 26th July and departing Sunday, 28th July.

The accommodation cost is around $60 per night per person; so approx $120 for the two nights which is very reasonable. We pay at the accommodation prior to checking out. They trust the Sydney Fly Rodders! These cabins are self contained and they have a great restaurant. I suggest that we all get together and eat in the restaurant on the Saturday night. I’ll book a table once we know numbers.

Their website is: www.blackgoldcabins.com.au David Caddies will be taking us casting and we will practice that on the Saturday morning, and Rory Graham will be coming, so am sure he will share a host of his wide range of skills and experience as well. We will get together on Friday night, after dinner, in one of the cabins for a chat on theory. We will have more details nearer the time.This promises to be a wonderful weekend, plus we’ll have a great time socially as well.

We will cover a whole range of topics and fly fishing skills, including: rod and reel selection, line and leader selection, knots, flies that work in the varying situations, techniques for dams, lakes and rivers (but we will practice at TCD as it’s closed river season), plus many other bits of useful information depending on the questions raised and where the conversation takes us. Our running plan will be to arrive at our accommodation on the Friday afternoon, have dinner and then the evening we will cover the main skills and techniques that we will focus on to practice the following day, Saturday. We normally practice some skills at the accommodation venue, after breakfast, before heading off to the water to put our new found theoretical skills into practice on the water. So please jump onto our website and register for the event should you wish to join the trip.

This weekend has always been a great opportunity to pick up some new skills, plus we will endeavour to tailor the conversations and practicals to meet the needs of attendees and to therefore make it a weekend of good value.

Please contact Organiser: Gavin van der Wagen

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