Salt Water Fishing Event: Hen and Chicken Bay February 18th

//Salt Water Fishing Event: Hen and Chicken Bay February 18th
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Sydney Gathering.

This summer we will hold a series of short local events with the hope that people will be able to get out for a few hours of fishing and socialising. They are informal but provide a local outing for members to gather and meet others as well as the opportunity to pick up tips and tricks for all things flyfishing. It is up to you, come to brush up your casting, swap a fly or two or drop by for a drink.

The next will be at Hen and Chicken bay Five Dock. Sunday afternoon February 18 around 1700.

I have to work that day so won’t be arriving till 1830 or so but will probably stay till dark for the best breaming

It is daylight savings at that time and you can stay on as long as you like.

Bring a beer or two and a few nibbles to keep you going.

Bring rod, 5/6 weight is good, but whatever you want to cast.

Use an old tapered leader and some 6lb line for tippet.

I have caught bream, mullet, flathead and trevally here, so a bit of bread to get them going is good.

If you tie, bring some extra to swap, sell or share.

Wear some shoes for wading. A head torch is handy if you plan to stay out late.

There will be a prize for a memorable effort, biggest fish, best tangle, muddiest face plant or fancy fly.

Wymston Prd runs right next to the bay and there is a large flat to fish and generally good parking.

Low tide is at 1512.

I fished this area a lot about 15 years ago and have caught plenty of bream here as well as other species. The best time is generally on dark with at least half tide.

Some tips.

Flies: Crazy Charlies/ Gotcha and small Clousers. Bread flies. Try a small popper for whiting. A prawn imitation is a good option.

Bream like a super slow retrieve. Go super slow and strip strike. If you miss, let it sit and count to ten.

Bream will nip at the bit of the fly that moves so if you are tying or buying look for a fly with the hook point in the fluff. A 6 or 8 Crazy Charley with a flash body and rabbit fur beard into the hook point is good. Rubber legs could be good.

You sometimes see the swirl of a flathead around the rocks and weed, you can drop a fly on them. Clousers are good and flathead aren’t to fussy, don’t over dress them and make them hard to cast.

Burley up some mullet with some bread for light stick fun.

These bays are heavily contaminated from years of industrial pollution, so its catch and release
If you have any suggestions or want to share a local spot let me know.

If you are willing to be the contact for an event, please let me know. I will get the event posted and something in the Flyrodder. I am looking for someone to do another Narrabeen lake day in March, as I will be away for most of it. or 0428 317 541