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Free Online Fly Magazines

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Free Online Fly Magazines

Don’t know about you but I read through my FlyLife magazine fairly quickly and the time between issues sometimes seems like years. Needed something to fill in the gaps so I thought I might jump on the internet and do some searching. Never realised what I’d discover but it was a welcomed surprise when I actually bumped into a few free online Fly magazines. At first glance I thought it may have been some ploy or marketing scheme to reel in the unsuspecting. Maybe even a setup to give you a glimpse of the first few pages at which point you’re sucked into paying for the remainder of the magazine and four more issues for the subscription.

Hell No! These magazines are good and are fully packed with the content we’ve come to expect from a paid subscription. I thought I might share them with everyone.


A European based Fly Fishing magazine with some fantastic content and articles focused on fishing destinations in Europe and everywhere else around the world. This is a full 250 page plus online mag, not some quick preview with ads to boot. The contributors to Fin-Chasers are some of the best known anglers in Europe. I highly recommend this magazine. To access the older issues, click on the magazine covers at the back of the issue.

In The Salt

An Aussie Saltwater Fly Fishing magazine which appeared only last year and has made quite an impression. Stationed in Mackay Queensland, Justin Webber and his team have put together an amazing magazine featuring some of the best Saltwater Fly Fishing destinations here at home and around the world. Names like Johnathan Jones, Peter Morse and Gavin Platz are but a few of the top-end contributors to it’s brilliant content. If you want to know what’s happening in the world of Saltwater Fly Fishing around Australia and the Pacific, jump on this one now.

This Is Fly

This Is Fly online magazine is not actually a free online magazine but definitely worth a mention. Based in Michigan U.S. and at only $2 an issue this is the first online Fly Magazine in the industry. The magazine’s early issues displayed a bit of a retro feel appealing to both anglers and non anglers. Issue 40 on-wards began bringing us more conventional HDR flavoured Fly Fishing action shots which make up most of the content we’re use to seeing in today’s Fly Fishing reading material. American based, This Is Fly focuses mainly on Freshwater fishing in country and around the world with a few Saltwater stories thrown in most issues.