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//Gerber Fish Collection

Gerber Fish Collection

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As a kid growing up I always had an interest in Gerber equipment. Whether it was hunting or fishing I admired the ingenuity behind the design of Gerber knives. Several months ago I was happy and surprised to hear that Gerber had released their all new Gerber Fish Collection. A series of tools for the Spin and Fly fisherman at a bloody reasonable price. If you’re familiar with the popular brands like Abel, then you’ll know a pair of Nippers will set you back around $100 and a pair of Pliers way over $400. The Gerber Fish Collection is a set of reliable tools each below $100.

There are 12 different tools in the Gerber Fish collection and I’ve listed 3 of my favorites.


This piece of kit is for one-hand engagement when cutting and securing line. The wide paddle design gives intuitive purchase in cold or wet conditions, and moveable parts provide a custom fit. Optimized for use with Mono & Fluorocarbon line.


For saltwater monsters it’s easy to get a grip. Swift power is on hand with the durable, hot-forged Magnipliers. The ergonomic trigger grip is offset to keep line of sight in tight places, while the finger coil offers maximum control. The thumb lock and ambidextrous tether points ensure safe stowage and transport while on the move.


Keep your hands free with this compact, dual-ended LineDriver which has everything needed to simplify line management: one end rotates to quickly tie knots and clear eyelets, the other end features a crimper, hook threader, and scissor snips. A pocket clip and tether point keep the tool secured for easy access.


Doesn’t matter if you’re chasing Trout or Tarpon or Tuna, Gerber has a tool that I’d be proud to use. If you’d like to have a look at the entire range of the Gerber Fish Collection click here.

These tools are all available in country now and you can buy them from Freak Sports