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Patagonia Hip Pack

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Patagonia Hip Pack

Fishing, I use to carry everything in a backpack. Extra line, camera, food, you name it. I didn’t mind it that much except for the fact it wasn’t waterproof and wading in hip deep water is a common practice. I needed something that would replace the backpack, keep my gear dry and something that would be easy to use. A good mate recommended I try out the Patagonia Hip Pack. A few years of fishing with it now and I can report that it is one of the best Fly Gear investments I’ve made. I don’t use Fly Fishing vests anymore and hardly ever carry a backpack. The Patagonia Hip Pack has just enough room for all the essentials you’ll really need. It’s equipped with plenty of straps and loops to clip on line spools, zingers, sinkets, nippers, etc. It even has straps for a Rod Tube.


The pack itself is made from a tough rubberized synthetic fused at the corners providing a completely waterproof seal. The pack’s opening is a military grade waterproof zipper. Something that Simms has had problems with in the past. I’ve tested this pack submerged under water with no leaks at all. In my opinion this is the best Hip Pack on the market.

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