VOLUME 28, ISSUE 05. November 2021

The first night having dinner at The Blue Duck Inn, during our trip to Big River (Upper Mitta Mitta River) in May 2021.

In March 2022 we return to Big River (the Mitta Mitta River above Lake Dartmouth and Anglers Rest) where we had a most successful inaugural trip before it was cut a couple of days short because of a sudden Victorian lockdown and we all had to scramble out of Victoria before the deadline!!!! In this picture Steve Peach is fishing above Anglers Rest.


Next Members Monthly Meeting

Note the Different Day and time: Our next Members Monthly Meeting will be held as a Zoom Meeting, due to the current Covid Lockdown, on Wednesday the 3rd November 2021 kicking off at 7:00PM.

Please view further down the Flyrodder for further details.


Next Members Monthly Fly Tying 

The Next Monthly Fly Tying Meeting, on the 15th November 2021, will be held as a Zoom meeting and Dave Wilson will be running the show.

See further details below under the Fly Tying segment.


President's Report

Denis Hill on the Snowy River.

Dear {Contact_First_Name},

Well finally we are only a couple of weeks from our annual Geehi / Long Plain trip, I will allow another week for any stragglers to register and then I will publish a list out to attendees, so they know who is attending with them this year.

This month we also have our monthly club zoom meeting with a wonderful guest speaker, but this meeting is on Wednesday 3rd November not our regular second Monday. We also have a Part 4, Zoom meeting on Fly Tying delivered by our Master Tyer, David Wilson.  Our Editor covers all three of these events in detail below so I would like to focus this month on the progress the Club has made with our Website and associated social media – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

We had completed the first upgrade of the Club website four years ago and while this was a major step forward for us we were still faced with a number of issues. So where were we at the start of the Website upgrade

  • our website was established and operational, but it was a heavily customized version based on a commercial platform. The result of this customization was a constant series of functional failures. Every time the platform upgraded or changed code to address a weakness the interface with our customized version failed.
  • the website didn’t support management of events and running an event with a large number of participants was a nightmare – I recall Malcolm Casswell saying after he ran our annual Christmas party – “I will never ever do that again!” I ran the party the next year and felt exactly the same.
  • keeping the website fresh and current was very difficult as all our monthly news and content was going into our wonderful FlyRodder newsletter, the production of which is a huge effort – duplicating that effort to keep the website fresh was just not possible.

So, in stepped Alan Baldry our webmaster and a sub committee comprising of James Webber, Gavin van der Wagen, David Major, Maddie Chew Lee, Steve Peach and Will Appleton. Over the last 18 months Alan and the Sub Committee have completely revamped the website: 

  • it is now totally stable, we haven’t had an operational failure in the last 12 month, 
  • running events is now very straight forward and the website uses the same functionality to support our annual membership renewal process which had previously been cumbersome and time consuming
  • the FlyRodder is integrated into our website so each month the website has fresh content with no additional effort from the Committee or Members.
  • the website now presents very professionally with a clean logical layout, a click through approach, drop down menus and embedded links. 
  • the look and feel of the website have also been integrated with the Club’s Facebook (thanks Phil), WhatsApp (thanks Steve P) and Instagram thanks Maddie and thanks to Maddie for her work and guidance on the Club’s integrated social media presence.

So what is the practical benefit to the members of all the above work?  Firstly, as a Club run by volunteers it’s important that we make running the Club and keeping our members informed and involved as easy as possible. The website upgrade has certainly made it much easier for the current and future Committees to run and manage the Club, a benefit for which I am personally very grateful. Secondly prior to starting our first website upgrade our membership was declining, and we were down to 110 members, we are now back to a stable 160 members.

So, my congratulations and grateful thanks to the Website Sub Committee and particularly to Alan. Alan not only applied his professional IT expertise to leading this upgrade, but also put in countless hours of his time to the development of the site and then tested each and every step and functionality on his three patient and tireless guinea pigs James, David and Gavin. Once all the testing was successfully completed Alan wrote all the procedures to make it easy for both the Committee and the Members to manage and interact with the site.

Great job Alan and Committee.

Hope to see you all in the Snowies.

Denis Hill



From the Editor

Gavin at Smith's Lake with a nice bream.

Well, things are beginning to hot up as we regain our pre-Covid freedoms once again.

Firstly, on the 3rd November, at our Zoom Monthly Members Meeting, we have a wonderful Guest Speaker in Martin Droz, who hails from Czech and is a multiple World Champion, and who has guided in Australia. Details below in this Flyrodder Edition.

Then on the 15th November our Fly Tying Guru, Dave Wilson, will be providing another Zoom Master Class and this time his topic is "Ways with Materials" and this covers a wide range and Dave is an expert at finding substitute materials that are a fraction of the cost. This promises to be another wonderful session, just like his previous three were over the last months. This is our last fly tying for the year, so we should be "live" from our first next year in February 2022.

I have announced below the Big River and Mitta Mitta River Trips and they are always popular and a great deal of fun. Details below and you can log into our website and make your booking. We have plenty of spots available and you can keep an eye on bookings and attendees as these events will use our website platform, Wild Apricot, for bookings and event management. It will be much more informative as the events are integrated with the website and membership platform.

But first up it's the Geehi/Long Plain trip which commences on the 19 November so just a matter of weeks away.

We have secured our Christmas Meeting and Dinner venue at The Ranch Hotel in Epping, which is the same venue as last year. This was well supported and enjoyed by some 60 members last year and this year it is being held on Monday, the 13th December 2021. Our President will be formally announcing the details on a separate email as soon as the booking opens to members. It will cost $50 per head as it did last year and the feedback was that it was good value for money and a great venue.

Last but not least, our Monthly Casting Practice sessions are back "Live" and kicks off on Sunday 14th November with David Caddies "casting, tracking and mending our ways!!!!" These are always wonderful session and details follow later in the Flyrodder.

Looking forward to a normal life from next month!!!!

Gavin van der Wagen




Last Monthly Meeting and Guest Speaker Report

Lubin Pfeiffer with a Blue Bastard.

Our October Members Monthly ZOOM meeting guest speaker was Lubin Pfeiffer.

Lubin and his wife Casey have for the past 2 years been living in a van traveling around Australia fishing and his talk was about his various fly adventures documented on his youtube channel "The Full Scale - Fishing Adventures”. This is the link to the channel if you would like to check it out:


You can view Lubin's presentation, and indeed all the previous presentations on our members private video library on YouTube. To view them please click on the following link:


So it's well worth your while to join the monthly meetings.


Next Monthly Meeting and Guest Speaker

Martin Droz

The November 2021 Members Monthly Meeting has been brought forward by 5 days, to the 3rd November, in order to accommodate our Guest Speaker, Martin Droz. The meeting will be via Zoom and kick off at 7:00pm as per usual. The meeting invite is at the end of this email.

Martin Droz is one of the world’s best ever fly fishing competitors and is the first ever multiple world champion (4 world championship gold medals) to guide in Australia!

Martin has been passing on his river fishing skills to Australian anglers during his brief visits to Australia over the past few years.

He has been employed by Fly Fish Australia as the skills coach and technical advisor for the Australian national fly fishing team. In 2017, his immeasurable contribution helped Australia to our best ever world championship result on mainland Europe.

From European nymphing to dry fly and wet fly fishing, Martin understands it all. He is seen as one of the world’s best river anglers, and is also at home on Tasmanian lakes.

Martin won a staggering thirteen international medals between 2004 and 2014!

He has individually won:
1st place World Championships 2008
2nd place World Championships 2013
3rd place World Championships 2006
1st place European Championships 2012
3rd place European Championships 2014

Martin has also won four team World Championship gold medals, two silvers and one bronze along with three other European team gold medals!

Martin’s first world championships was in Australia in 1999 and he has won multiple Czech titles and medals in his home country. His teaching and guiding experience extends throughout many European countries and across the globe. 

Amongst his peers there is no argument that he is the best in his field. His sense of humour, patience and humble, caring nature, endears him to all.

With a resume never seen before on Australian soil, his popularity is obvious. Martin has come to Australia from the Czech Republic to guide in Tasmania.

This promises to be another amazing guest speaker presentation.

Should you miss it we will be recording the presentation and then uploading it to our Members Private Video Library on YouTube. 

Meeting Invite

Denis Hill is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: FlyRodders Nov Club Zoom Meeting
Time: Nov 3, 2021 07:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 829 7744 6657
Passcode: 704007

Kind regards,

Denis Hill


For the meeting our format will be that we will hold the normal meeting covering what is happening around the traps, fishing reports and any other business.

Then Martin will take over and run his presentation and chat.

This presentation will then be uploaded to our Club Members YouTube Video Library.

To access this library, please click on the following link:


You will also be able to view all the previous meeting presentations that we have recorded, and view at your leisure.

Our Meeting is normally held on the 2nd Monday of each month, unless it is a public holiday; in which case it will be delayed a week. 

Looking forward to catching up at the meeting, one day.


New Members

We had five new members join the club in October 2021.

We welcome the family of Glenn Short, Pam Mort and Tom Short as well as Trevor Sweeney and Ngoc Minh-The Pham to our Club.

We encourage new members to join in on the many activities that we run as this is a good way to meet other club members and also to improve your fly fishing skills and most importantly to have a great time.

Looking forward to meeting you at our Monthly Members Meetings and at events throughout the coming year.


Last Months Casting Practice Report

We haven't had any casting practice for a while now due to the Covid restrictions that have been in place.

But from Monday 1 November 2021 things change, and our Casting Practice sessions are back on track and recommence on Sunday, 14th November at 8:00am or 9:00am. Details are in the next section below.

Please come and join us for some practice (get the rusty casting arm moving smoothly again) before you head out for a fish. Our casting instructor David Caddies always has a well planned, prepared and thought out session to maximise the benefits that you will get out of your time by attending. And they're totally free!!!!


Club Monthly Casting Practice - Details and Event Schedule. (We are Baaaack.)


Members are welcome to join in with each other to practice casting at this club event. It is held monthly, on a Sunday morning at Timbrell Park, Five Dock. See future scheduled dates listed below. We encourage new members to attend as this is a great way to get involved in the club’s activities and meet other members. 

If you have any queries, contact David Caddies through the club’s website, where you will find his email address. 

An email reminder is usually sent around in the week leading up to the practice date. 


David organises the sessions and will be there to make you welcome and give you something useful to practice on. Or, bring your own practice drills to do and to share. You do need to be a club member, but you don’t need to register. Just turn up. Bring your favourite rod and line – that’s all you need. A leader of 7’6” - 8’ is sufficient, but not too light. Say 8-10 pound tippet. ( ie 3X, 2X or 1X if you speak in X’s).


We usually start at 8:00am, focussing on the more basic elements of casting. At 9:00am, when most members arrive, we switch to other skills practices. Any good practice session starts with the basics, so don't feel constrained by thinking you are some, or not, level of expertise or other 

VENUE: Timbrell Park, Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock. Go to the western end, just past LIvvi’s coffee kiosk and kids’ playground area on Henley Marine Drive. Opposite where Ingham Avenue intersects with Henley Marine Drive. 
TIME:   8 am for specific casting basics (all welcome). 
            9 am for usual practice session (all welcome).


14 November

12 December

So come and give it a try, as there is so much to be gained  by attending these sessions. And they are Free!!!


Last Months Fly Tying Meeting Report

In October Dave Wilson conducted a wonderful fly tying session, and his topic was "Skills and Techniques".

Generally when fly tyers set out on their journey they decide on a pattern to tie, obtain the materials and then gain the skills in this manner.

Dave maintains that we should learn the essential skills first and then set out tying the various patterns

To this end David identified 7 popular fly types that basically covered most of the skills that you will ever need to know. Dave drew up a great table that cross referenced the various skills to the skill patterns, so if you set out on this basis you'll get there a lot quicker and better equipped to tie the various flies that you will need.

His presentation can be viewed on the Club's Private Video Library on YouTube. 

To view Dave's discussion, please click on the following link:



Next Monthly Fly Tying Meeting

The November ZOOM Fly Tying Meeting will once again be graced by Dave Wilson our fly tying wizard.

On Monday, 15th November Dave's Topic will be titled "Ways with Materials" where he will cover various materials and their uses. This topic is endless and will be another wonderful addition to the previous three wonderful presentations provided by Dave.


Denis Hill is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: FlyRodders Nov Fly Tying
Time: Nov 15, 2021 07:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 9279 1605

Passcode: 296554See you there; "virtually"!!


Announcing New Sponsors - BWC Flies


If you follow BWC flies on social media, you are most likely aware of our new store NOW OPEN in Tuggerah NSW.

With the world being in a crazy state and online shopping being the only place to shop at times for the last year some people may wonder why BWC flies next step was to open a physical store. But its never a bad time to make progress and you can still shop our full range online.

For those with a few more seasons under your belt, you know the only place in time gone by to learn, get tips and meet like minded anglers was a fishing store or early print material and maybe a VHS. The accessibility of the internet has offered more information than we could ever wish for, but no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch, endless zoom classes you forget to press the mute button on there is still always something missing.

BWC’s move to a store might be against the trend of current times, but the ability to build a greater sense of community is the aim. On offer will be fly tying classes, demos, film nights and talks from some of the best in the industry just to mention a few, but at the heart of the store is a place to come in, look and feel materials and ask question’s which could take hours on the internet to find. 

This is a place will be where the veterans of the sport can influence first timers, where the weekend fly fisher becomes a fly-tyer, the conventional spin angler learns about loops and the hunt for the local flathead is no longer casting hard bodies but is now a pursuit on a self-tied fly. 

Thank you for your support and stay in touch, we are open for business now with a grand opening planned soon. 

If you heading to the Central Coast or need a few flies before heading north swing by, we are located not far off the M1 at Unit 8, 5 Joule Pl Tuggerah NSW, 2259.

We hope to catch up with you in the store once the latest Covid lockdown eases. 

Brett and Cherie

BWC Flies have a great range of Fly Fishing products including rods, reels, fly tying tools and materials, fly tying kits which are great for people starting off, and much much more!!!! Their service, helpfulness and responsiveness is second to none!!!

They also offer club members a discount on all purchases, except for products on special. When ordering online you will need to quote the discount code, which you can find by logging in to our SFR website. 

Gavin van der Wagen



Geehi and Long Plain Camping Trip in November

Geehi 19th - 26th Nov

Long Plain 27th Nov - 4th Dec.

The Event 

The Club has for quite a few years held a two-week camping trip in the Snowy Mountains. One week in the National Park Geehi Flats Campground followed by a week in the National Park Long Plain Campground. Members are welcome to camp for one night through to the full 14 nights. As you may be aware pre Covid there was no cost for camping in our National Parks other than the park access fee, with the advent of Covid national Parks introduced a booking process for camp sites and with it a $6 per booking fee. So, if you would like to join us on this event the first thing you should do is book on the National Parks website for the nights you are going to attend as the camp sites can book out. 

Please note however that National Parks will only allow you to book 90 days in advance so get online to book for Geehi on the 22nd August and on the 28th August for Long Plain.  

With a booking fee of $6 per booking you haven't got a lot to lose so if you are interested please read the attached document which provides additional details regarding the trip and then jump on the National Parks website and book.

 I also ask that you also book on the Event Section of the Club’s website, we have no limits on attendees or costs for this event, the reason we ask you to book is simply so that we can keep members appraised of who is attending and when, and you can thus co-ordinate travel and fishing plans – also we can keep an eye out for you knowing when you should arrive.

Hopefully this trip can be part of our celebration of Covid lessening its grip on our lives.


Your Committee


Big River Trip in March 2022

Following on from our inaugural trip to Big River in May 2021, our 2nd trip will be held in March 2022 12-19 when the weather will provide more favourable and comfortable fishing conditions.

We will be basing ourselves at “The Willows” and also have accommodation at The Blue Duck Inn, where lunch and Dinner is also available. 

Big River, is the Mitta Mitta River above Lake Dartmouth and above Anglers Rest.

The trip commences on Saturday, 12th March 2022 and we are out on Saturday, 19th March 2022, so 7 nights all up. Accommodation cost is $525 per person for the week. 

The Willows is located about 8 minutes from the Blue Duck Inn, and is fully self-contained. They do breakfast and this can be pre-arranged. Else you take all your provisions. The Blue Duck Inn has a good restaurant and is open for Dinner and Lunch, and don’t open for breakfast.  

Anglers Rest is some 726Kms and an 8.5 hour drive from Sydney, Forestville exactly.

It is also 30 Kms from Omeo, should you need to buy some supplies.

Should you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to email me.


Gavin van der Wagen



Mitta Mitta River Trip in May 2022

Our annual trip to the Mitta Mitta is on again for 2022, now for the 9th year running. It will be in on the Saturday, 14th May and out Saturday, the 21st May 2022; so 7 nights all up at $320.

We will be staying at the “Pink House” which is just a stones throw from the Mitta Mitta Pub and Bistro; and in fact the mighty Snowy Creek; and also on a farm property just 5 minutes away. So just a short trip to quench your thirst or dine at their fabulous and reasonable Bistro.

You can take your own food and drinks, or you can eat at the Mitta Mitta Pub or a combination. Many members eat only at the pub. 
Further up the road, about 30 K’s, there is also a good pub at Eskdale (which you pass through) and also an IGA and fuel. Mitta Mitta has a very small general store and fuel.
The local dairy farmers allow us to fish on their properties, so we have access to many spots without competition!
There are many river options to fish, including the Mitta Mitta, Snowy Creek (runs right past the pub and caravan park), Lightning Creek, Wills Creek, Little Snowy Creek (near Eskdale) etc.
It’s about a 7 hour drive and 646 kilometres away.
I will provide more information to the attendees as required and then prior to the trip.

Should you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me on gavin@vit.com.au.

Kind regards,

Gavin van der Wagen


Buy, Sell and Swap

There is no Buy Sell, Swap this month as Its a Zoom Meeting.


Sydney Fly Rodders Facebook Pages

We run two SFRC pages, one is our public page and it posts events and activities of the club. It also shares posts from other pages like CAS, DPI on things relevant to the places and areas that we fish.

I post some fly tying every now and then and share links to events I find that might be of interest to followers. This page is a little like our Web page, it showcases the club to attract members and provides details of club events. It has about 450 people following the page and any post will be seen by between 180 and 240 people.

We added another page. This is reserved for members only and cannot be seen by anyone outside of the group. You will need to send a request to join. Any member can post on this page and it is a great opportunity for members to put up a post or two about anything fly fishing. I would like to encourage members to use this page to post fishing reports or photos of flies that you tied. Being connected to other members you can ask for some casting or gear advice, or organise a short trip when you suddenly have some spare time.

There are also hundreds of other groups; bream on fly, carp on fly, bass, trout....areas like alpine trout, Sydney Kayak Fishing....fly tying groups, buy sell swap fly gear pages and individuals like Aussie Flyfisher, Sydney Flyfishing to check out. 

Phil Burton


Sydney Flyrodders Instagram Page

The Sydney Fly Rodders are now on Instagram. Many thanks to our Member Maddie Chew Lee, who offered to set us up and apply her significant experience with marketing and communications in particular within the social media space. 

Please follow the site and add your comments, and lets grow this platform for the club. It will also attract new members to the club.

Below is a snapshot of the site. We aim to sync (in particular look and feel) the Instagram account with our Facebook account and also our new Website, which I talk more about in the preceding section.


Sydney Fly Rodders WhatsApp Group

We have an Exclusive Group on WhatsApp for our Members, which is a great way to communicate informally and to share ideas, seek advice and also to plan and seek interest for impromptu/planned fishing trips.

I can highly recommend this to members. We have arranged a number of trips now from a weekends bass fishing through to a casual and social Sunday morning or afternoons fishing at Narrabeen Lake or Hen & Chickens Bay etc. And there could even be a BBQ thrown in for a social get together afterwards. This will happen on most if not all occasions.

Should you wish to be included in this group, then please email me to request your inclusion, quoting your mobile number which is required to link you into the Group. You will need to download the WhatsApp first if you haven't already done so.

Please contact me for inclusion.

Gavin van der Wagen

Editor, Flyrodder



Snippets of Information

Some nostalgia. Murray Kelso has shared some pictures of our first, and I recall only calendar we produced for 2012. That brings back some memories!!!

The End