VOLUME 29, ISSUE 04. October 2022

The first night having dinner at The Blue Duck Inn, during our trip to Big River (Upper Mitta Mitta River) in May 2021.

The final session of this years rod building event. Some of the participants with their completed rods, well mostly. About 5 members missing on the last day. Thanks to John Baricevic for leading another wonderful activity for the club. See the report further down the Flyrodder. From left to right: Craig Symonds, George Nolevski, John Baricevic, David Blackwell, John Brassil and James Webber.


Next Members Monthly Meeting

Our next Members Monthly Meeting will be held at The Freeway Hotel. The meeting will kick off at 7:00pm on Monday, 10th October 2022.

Our guest speaker will be Lucas Kas of OzFish. Lucas will bring us up to date with the key role that OzFish is playing in order to make our recreational fishing environments a lot better and to ensure that continues into the long term.

Please view further down the Flyrodder for the details.


Next Members Monthly Fly Tying 

The Next Monthly Fly Tying Meeting will held on Monday, 17th October 2022 at our usual venue in the Green Room of the Henley Community Centre, kicking off at 7:00pm.

See further details below under the Monthly Fly Tying segment.


President's Report

Denis Hill on Perisher Creek.

Dear {Contact_First_Name},

Welcome to October and the opening of the trout season. Firstly, a couple of Committee updates. Maddie (you know you have made it when you can go by one name, Prince, Madonna, Maddie) , has elected to stand down from the Committee under growing family pressure – we will miss Maddie’s social media expertise and her wise council on the Committee, but look forward to two new associate members joining the Club. Our Club Secretary, Luke Flory, is also looking to step down from his secretary role, Luke is also under pressure from a growing family and work. Luke is happy to continue as secretary until he can do a proper handover to his successor but would appreciate `if that happened in the near future.

 So, the committee is looking for a new Secretary and someone to help support our social media platforms. If you are interested in helping your club in either of the above roles or would like to discuss what’s involved in these roles, please send me an email (denisjhill47@gmail.com) and we can set up a time to talk. Actually we aren’t that far off the end of the year when all the Committee position will be declared vacant so please consider if you would like to help the Club as part of the Committee - while all the current committee (excluding Maddie and Luke ) have agreed to stand again for their current roles we are all happy to stand aside and allow new blood onto the Committee so let’s talk if you are interested. 

And (another segway) speaking of the end of the year we have booked the Club’s Christmas party on the Dec 12th at the Ranch Hotel in North Epping. It is a three course, sit down dinner on starting with drinks at 6pm for dinner at 7pm. Please book for the Christmas party on the Club website this year the cost is $55 a person.

Also with thoughts of the end of year and a new committee -  I would once again ask for your feedback on what the Club is doing right and you would like to see more of and what we should change, do less of or stop. Write to me with your feedback and help steer your Club in the direction you wish to see it develop. With membership renewals over, we started the new financial year with 180 members, so we had 18 members from the previous year who didn’t renew. Our Membership Officer, David Major follows up each member who leaves the Club to understand the reason they left, this to help the Committee understand where we can improve, but the opinion of our loyal current members is even more important so share your thoughts – denisjhill47@gmail.com.

Tight lines everyone the new trout season is open.

Denis Hill



From the Editor

Gavin at Swansea fishing the Salmon Classic in August 2022.

The trout season is open for 2022/23 and now that there is a spring in the air we have some new fishing trips scheduled for 2023.

The Big River trip is scheduled for March 2023, and it will be hopper season, plus with all this rain that we've had there should be big fish heading up to greener pastures.

Then in early May the Mitta Mitta trip is on again for it's 10th year, and we're hopeful that we have timed it right for the brown trout migration upstream. On this years trip the local farmers said that we should have been there a week earlier, so this trip is scheduled 2 weeks earlier. But then who knows with fishing; but we'll see what happens.

Later in this Flyrodder there is a section on the Great Sandy Marine Park (Hervey Bay) Survey. It's very important that we respond as the fishing has been severely impacted by commercial fishing over the years and it's now time to get the fishing back to how it was before, especially the wonderful flats fishing locations. Please take some time to respond to this survey. It's important.

Hope to see you at some of our many events that we have planned for the coming 12 months.

Gavin van der Wagen




Last Monthly Meeting and Guest Speaker Report

Brett Clarke

Cherie Forbes

At our September Members Monthly Meeting Brett Clarke and Cherie Forbes, our wonderful sponsors and owners of BWC Flies, shared with us their vast fly fishing experiences, in particular what's been happening and available up on the Central Coast plus many other locations where they have ventured. They are currently into luderick fishing off the beach, and went into great detail about their exploits and what they've learned.

Their shop is located at Tuggerah up on our Central Coast. They have a huge range and stock of fly fishing gear and fly tying materials. You can buy online or shop there. Their service is second to none! Plus we receive a discount. Please log into our website for the details and code.

You can view this video and indeed all the previous presentations on our Members Private Video Library on YouTube. To view them please Login to our Sydney Fly Rodders Website; click on Members and select YOUTUBE CHANNEL, as per the picture below.

We have many wonderful videos in our Private Members Video Library, in fact they're all wonderful and informative, plus you can view them at your leisure!


Next Monthly Meeting and Guest Speaker

Lucas Kas

Our October 2022 Members Monthly Meeting will be held "Live" on Monday, 10th October at The Freeway Hotel up in the mezzanine one level up, in our own private room.

Our guest speaker will be Lucas Kas, of OzFish, who are very involved in improving and securing our fishing environments as they are "dedicated to helping recreational fishers restore Australian fish habitats and waterways for future generations".

Lucas is the OzFish Project Officer for the South Coast, though having grown up on the far north coast, so I'm sure that he will have a vast knowledge of fishing locations and how they are improving the environments for us recreational fishers.

The meeting will kick off as usual at 7:00pm with general matters then around half an hour later the guest speaker segment will kick off.

For those unable to attend the meeting we will be recording the presentation and then uploading it to our Club Members Private Video Library on YouTube. 

You will also be able to view all the previous meeting presentations that we have recorded, and view at your leisure.

Many of our attendees arrive a bit earlier and have dinner either before, else the bar staff will deliver your meal order to our meeting room and you can enjoy your meal, and or drink, whilst the meeting is underway. The food is good value for money and the company is priceless!! So come along and have a relaxing and entertaining meeting where you can meet other members and pick up on useful snippets information that is shared amongst the group.

Our Meeting is normally held on the 2nd Monday of each month, unless it is a public holiday; in which case it will be delayed a week. 

There is ample parking in the parking garage under the Freeway Hotel, which is accessed from Dickson Avenue (at the back), just off Reserve Road, in Artarmon.

The address is 115 Reserve Road, Artarmon 2064 (for for GPS), on the corner of Dickson Avenue. 

Looking forward to catching up at the meeting.


New Members

We had one new member join the club in September 2022.

We welcome David Chitty to our Club. It's great to have you back.

We encourage new members to join in on the many activities that we run as this is a good way to meet other club members and also to improve your fly fishing skills and most importantly to have a great time.

Looking forward to meeting you at our Monthly Members Meetings and at events throughout the coming year.


Last Months Casting Practice Report

SFRC CASTING PRACTICE                                       11 September 2022

September’s casting practice was once again well attended with 15 of us snipping the heads off the flatweeds at the casting venue. By now you should be well and truly ready with old and new gear for the trout season. By the time you read this, you may have already indulged on opening weekend. I hope your casting was well in tune: so much so that you hardly noticed yourself doing it and hit your targets more than you hit the trees.

I’ve been going on lately about the small, often unnoticed, moves we make, or fail to make, when casting as we try to improve ourselves. There is a distinction between knowing what to do to make the cast and knowing whether all your body moves are helping. Putting that another way, you need to know how to move your body parts to move the rod to make the line do what you want it to do. For example, there is a brisk stop required at the end of the casting stroke so that the line goes over the rod tip (because it has forward momentum) and forms the loop, which takes the fly out. All of that is the result of loading and then unloading the rod in the most effective way. Lots of casters move the rod forward at the right speed, but do a very ‘fudgy’ not-brisk stop. Result:  the rod may make a swishing sound, the loop opens wide, has little power and the leader usually ‘stands up’ fairly vertically as the cast finishes, causing the leader to flutter down in a pile. Slack leaders are fine: leaders in a pile are a failure. The fudgy stop is probably the most common fault in casting. 

Let’s assume you do this kind of cast, or do it more than you should. How to start the fix?  There is a thing we do when throwing a ball, a stone or a javelin. We speed up throughout the stroke, let the object go and follow through. You did these things before you cast a fly rod. But now you can forget the follow through. Fly casters often forget the power that they have in the bendy stick (ie flyrod) to cast the line with. If you try to follow through, you are likely to miss the important bit: the STOP. Don’t follow through; it’s a follow DOWN, but only after you stop. So, STOP the rod, don’t move anything until you see the loop going out, FOLLOW DOWN as it falls.

Suppose you can’t analyze things this way, what else could you do? You could use a broomstick to cast with. (Just kidding - it would only work if you followed through.) If, after a series of false casts, you habitually push harder to make that final stroke as the presentation cast, or you feel you need to push out harder, there’s a chance you are not getting the most out of your flexible rod. If you don’t know whether you have this habit (which you got from your baseball or stone-throwing days), get out the rod and try it. Do three similar false casts, let the fourth one go, at the same place, same speed and length of stroke. Well? Can you do it, or is something telling you to cast the final one harder? If you got it right, the cast went just as far, or more likely further, without the push. 

Try to make the presentation cast no more forcefully than the false cast which preceded it. This requires you to put your trust in the rod to do its job. It should be required to do its job – you paid a bundle for it, so rely on it. Trust it to work. Thinking we can push the cast out further by casting harder at the last seems like the right thing to do, but it actually acts in a negative way.

Ineffective stopping and pushing the cast are often intertwined problems. Pick up your fly rod and do some research on your stroke: when you are not actually fishing of course. 

See you at the park for some practice in trusting the fly rod.  

David Caddies

Our next Casting Practice will be held on Sunday, the 2nd October. See the following section for further information.


Club Monthly Casting Practice - Details and Event Schedule.


Note: Daylight Saving commences on this day.    

NOTE WINTER SEASON START TIME : 9am (not 8am over winter). 

All members are welcome to join in the club’s usual monthly practice session. If you want to know everything about the club’s casting practice sessions, read the whole blurb in the Flyrodder magazine.

Here's the essentials:

TIME:   All start at 9 am for casting basics and usual practice session (all welcome).

1. Bring your favourite rod and line, or the outfit you need to get to know better. A 5 or 6 weight 9’ rod is preferred for this session, but not essential. A tapered leader of 7’6” - 8’ is recommended, but not too light. One tapered down to 10 pounds would be ideal.  (0X,1X or 2X if you speak in X’s). Definitely not longer than 9’, including tippet. 

2. A brightly-coloured wool or yarn fly should be tied to the end of the leader. Wool available at the session. 

3. Do not use a real fly, or a cut-down fly or anything incorporating metal when at club practice, for safety reasons.  

4. Speaking of which, take the usual precaution of using proper eye protection (sunglasses).

5. Not well? Stay at home please. 


Timbrell Park, Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock. Go to the western end of Henley Marine Drive, past the cricket pitches, baseball nets and just past LIvvi’s coffee kiosk and kids’ playground area.There is an open area opposite where Ingham Avenue intersects with Henley Marine Drive which we usually use. It is not part of the sports fields. It’s still very wet underfoot at the moment and if they haven’t cut the grass recently we will be just across the canal in the open area on the other side (where we were last time). 

If you can’t make it this time and want some good practical instruction to guide you, check out this site: https://www.flyfishersinternational.org/Learn/Learning-Center-Resources/Fly-Casting/Casting-Instruction

So come and give it a try, as there is so much to be gained  by attending these sessions. And they are Free!!!


Last Months Fly Tying Meeting Report

Our September fly tying meeting was once again led by our Master Fly Tier, Dave Wilson, and the main fly tied was the Peeping Stick Caddis. There was only a small group attending as it clashed with the funeral coverage of Queen Elizabeth. The attendees benefitted by lot's of hands on assistance.

Dave's approach is very much to teach the tying skill rather than emphasis on the fly pattern. This way you'll be better equipped to tie many different fly patterns, rather than just the one at hand.

Dave Wilson showing Jim Hemmings and Bill Branighan.


Next Monthly Fly Tying Meeting

Our next Monthly Fly Tying Meeting will be held on Monday, 17th October 2022, from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. The doors will open at 6:30pm to give you time to set up for a 7:00pm start.

Once again our fly tying Guru, Dave Wilson, will be leading the session and tying the Chernobyl Ant pattern. Dave has selected this pattern to tie so he can teach us how to tie the fold over the legs etc. You'll then be better equipped to tie Ants, Hoppers and Beetles etc. Dave's approach is rather to teach you the skills required to tie many flies rather than just the one pattern. Most of us would have started off by selecting a pattern and then tying it. When in fact if you learnt to tie around 7 particular skills you will then be equipped to tie many different fly patterns, plus better understand what is required for many patterns.

For those who don't have a vise, we have ample spare one's available.

We particularly welcome first timers and all levels of fly tiers as you will all learn something from Dave!

If you would like to just come and observe, then please do so to see if this is for you. You'll be surprised at how "easily" you can get into tying your own flies.

The venue is the Henley Community Centre in Hunters Hill, and we meet in the  Green Room on the right as you enter.

The venue address is: Crown Street, Henley, NSW 2111. As you turn into Crown Street, from Victoria Road, take the first left and drive down a bit of a bumpy road, and it's the last building about a 100 yards down the drag. There's parking off the track and walk through a small road (some do park just outside the building), but it's a short walk to the front door past a bowling green (may be a veggie patch now).

Some Chernobyl Ant variations.

Rod Building Activity Report

After an absence of two years due to COVID in what was an annual club event run by club member and rod builder extraordinaire, John Baricevic from Barick Custom rods, the date had arrived, a date which I was looking forward to, although I had built a fly rod before many years ago, back when the majority of fly rods were still two piece.

There were 10 members who put their name down with rods ranging from 3wt to 11ft 4 wt trout spey rods. Mark Bransgrove who was probably the most experienced out of the group having built a number of rods previously.

Day 1

After having received all of our kits we checked to make sure everything was there, John showed us how to find the spine of the individual pieces by placing each piece on a flat surface and applying some pressure in the middle section with one hand while rotating the piece with the other hand. You could feel the section wanting to gravitate into a particular position. This was done for all sections and marked with a bit of masking tape or China pencil, this would determine alignment of the guides.

We also carried out a dummy fit to make sure everyone knew how everything fitted together, some items such as the cork grips had to be bored out with a reamer to make sure they fitted properly, some were also sanded down on a lathe supplied by John to get the right grip for each individual persons preference. Due to the limited time we had in the class room John set out homework for everyone.

Day 2

The next step was to glue the reel seat and cork grips after having marked them out. For some members the process was easier than others depending on the type of reel seat. Some of us had to put arbours to make up for the difference between outside diameter of the rod and the internal diameter of the reel seat, this helped to bond and fill the void in order to get a strong bond between the two, making sure that the reel seat aligned with spine of the rod.

Once this was done, we proceeded to put the guides on as per designated spacing and temporarily secured them with small strip of masking tape. Some members were able to bind the guides. I found this process to be the most time consuming as it was difficult to secure the first couple of winds, mainly due to not maintaining tension on the binding at all times. It took a number of attempts before being able to achieve the required outcome (practice makes perfect).

Day 3

Once all the guides were secured and aligned, some members were able to put on their epoxy soak coats, but the majority of the process was done during day two and three (homework). This was necessary as there wasn’t enough time to complete some tasks. I’d never thought I would be doing homework at the age of 50+.

The process involved mixing a two-to-one epoxy resin and applying the initial soak coat with a small craft brush making sure to fill any voids between guide legs and the blank whilst the rod pieces were rotating on a drying motor. Each piece was done individually as we didn’t have enough time during the sessions and the absence of a drying table to cater for the full rod length, as most professional rod builders, and probably the most time consuming process. This process took 24hrs to cure the epoxy between the final coat.

This stage was also spent between applying the initial soak coat and final coat depending at what stage you were at. Some of us were still binding long after day 4. We were all at different stages of the build based on our work and family commitments (and not doing our homework).

Day 4 

This was the final day and it was show and tell time, again all of us at different stages, some had finished while others were still to put their initial soak coats, and some were ready for their final coat, while a few of us were still at day 2-3 way behind. That’s why John gave me a D – as a class mark. The only problem was now was that I had to come up with some lame excuse, that I was going to tell my wife for the bad report card, on the drive home.

George Nolevski

Some photos follow, but to see more photos then please click on the following link for our Google Gallery Album:


John Baricevic demonstrating how the experts shape the cork grip

George Nolevski and John Brassil exam the guide placing, whilst Craig Symonds looks on

James Webber, "am I happy with this grip", whilst John and David Blackwell look on

Craig and George checking the guide alignment

James and John checking the double hander

David adjusting his grip

John improving the grip, whilst David performs the important role of sucking the cork dust with the vacuum cleaner!!

Craig, George, John, David, John and James seem satisfied with their new rods.

To view more photos of the rod building, please click on this link:



CFA Interclub Event in March 2023


A short while ago I put out info on the CFA Interclub event for 17-19 March 2023.

Many fishing clubs like ours, are affiliate members of the Council of Freshwater Anglers and every year, outside of CoVid, a fund raising competition and get together is held. This year, in an effort to expand and better cover all affiliates, the Central Coast Fly Rodders Club is hosting it at Glenbawn Dam. It is both a team and individual event and I hope to put together a SFRC representation. The event is much more about getting together then competition and there are BBQs and Raffles with plenty of prizes. 

It’s a good weekend and a great chance to meet others. 

Contact me if you want more details.

Phil Burton. (philipburton@bigpond.com) 

More Information:

The NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers Interclub Meet is a social weekend for fishos to share the love of fishing and to engage as teams in friendly competition.  After a pause of three years because of Covid the Interclub Meet is back on in 2023 but, in its 20 th year, there are a few changes to venue and format. 

The Central Coast Fly Rodders will be hosting the Interclub Fly and Lure Fishing Meet on behalf of the NSWCFA at Lake Glenbawn on, Friday - Sunday 17-19 March 2023. Club Teams will compete in catch and release, lake and stream, fly and lure fishing and fly and lure (plug) casting in the quest for best team and the winner of the NSWCFA Club Teams perpetual trophy.

This is also a fund-raising activity for NSWCFA and critical to support their ongoing work to promote, support and improve freshwater angling in NSW.  Entry fees will be minimal only  to support event overheads, and will include a Saturday BBQ lunch and Sunday brunch.

Competitors will be responsible for their own accommodation. The Lake Glenbawn campground has plenty of camping/caravan sites but cabins on and around Lake Glenbawn are filling fast. Link: (https://bookings.reflectionsholidayparks.com.au/lakeglenbawn ).  See also Lake Glenbawn Holiday Cottages: http://www.lakeglenbawncottages.com.au/.

There will be small prizes awarded for individual achievements in the competitions but the main objective for competitors is to gain team points and win the Club Teams trophy.


AFFC Request for Controllers

Call for Controllers 

Australian Fly Fishing Championships 

Snowy Mountains, New South Wales 

7-10 December 2022

Host Chapter FFA ACT/NSW

Fly Fish ACT/NSW are currently looking for Controllers to measure fish and enforce rules at this year’s National Championships being held at Jindabyne and surrounds. This is to be held from Wednesday 7 December to Saturday 10 December 2022 inclusive. Refer to the Competition Program for more details.

The event is a great opportunity to watch and learn from some of the best fly fishers in the country and any assistance would be greatly appreciated by all competitors.

We have Competition Sectors for River and Bank sessions that require controllers. All the training/information will be provided by FFA ACT/NSW Chapter and the Competition Organisers. You don't need to be an experienced fly fisher to be a controller.

We are encouraging both club groups and individuals to assist with the event and have two package options available:

Package 1  Fishing Club Package

    Clubs provide own accommodation  FFA will donate to the clubs $200 per Registered Controller

       Note: Clubs will be able to nominate a Sector of preference for their members to Control. We need 14 Controllers allocated to each sector.

Package 2  Individual Package

       Individuals who provide their own accommodation  FFA will provide a cash contribution of $200 to each individual registered as a Controller.

Every Registered Controller will also receive:

       Dinner Voucher to Presentation Dinner at Lake Jindabyne Hotel

Value $40

       FFA Cap  Value $25

       Competition Badge/Sticker  Value $10

       ONE free entry into any ACT/NSW State competition (this is a great opportunity to try your hand in a competition and develop your skills) – Value $100

If you choose to assist at this event you will need to bring the following equipment:


      Warm clothing

      Wet weather protection

      A broad brimmed hat

      Sun glasses

      Sun screen

      Long trousers

      Long sleeved shirt

      Sturdy shoes or boots

      Waders (personal choice - not essential as you will not be required to enter the water)


      A back pack

      Water bottle

      Snack bar

Please also ensure you have:

Transport to/from sectors

Your own meals  (except for Presentation Dinner)

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email or call me:

Bob Bartels– Competition Organiser                  FFA ACT/NSW,  Chapter President, 0434 561 569 


Shaun Gambrill 

FFA ACT/NSW,  Chapter Secretary, 0407 079 428

If you wish to offer your assistance please fill out the below information and send to ffa.nsw.act.secretary@gmail.com

Australian Fly Fishing Championships Falls Creek, Jindabyne

7-10 December 2022

Host Chapter: FFA ACT/NSW


Package Preference

Package 1  Club Activity / Package 2 - Individual

Fishing Club

Personal Details:

Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr etc)

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

Postal Address

Home Phone Number


Email Address

Preferred Contact

Email (preferred)                 Mobile                         Phone

First aid/medical qualification

Yes/No  Type of qual:

Special Dietary Requirements

Yes/No  Details:

 Mobility limitations

Yes/No  Details:

Transport  Preferred 4WD Motor Vehicle

I have a 4WD available / 2WD available / need transport


YES / NO / undecided at this time

Please send form to:


Bob Bartels – Competition Organiser

FFA ACT/NSW, Chapter President:  0434 561 569 


Shaun Gambrill  

FFA ACT/NSW, Chapter Secretary:  0407 079 428


Great Sandy Marine Park Survey - Hervey Bay

There is a survey, that our membership could be interested in, with regards to submissions for the Great Sandy Marine Park in the Hervey Bay Area, where there is an opportunity to reduce gill netting and commercial fishing pressure to restore some of the flats fishing in the area. Here is the link to info about the proposal:


The best way for members to have an impact after reading the proposal is to take the survey, which is here:


The Hervey Bay fishing grounds have been heavily impacted by commercial fishing over the years, so this is an opportunity to finally turns things around.


Big River Trip in March 2023

This will be our third annual trip to Big River.

Once again we will be accommodated at The Blue Duck Inn, where lunch and Dinner is also available, plus at "The Willows", which is just up the road from the Blue Duck Inn in Anglers Rest.

Big River, is the Mitta Mitta River above Lake Dartmouth and above Anglers Rest.

The trip commences on Tuesday, 21st March 2023 and we are out on the following Tuesday, 28th March 2023, so 7 nights all up. Accommodation cost is $525 per person for the week.

Every attendee has their own bedroom.

The Willows is located about 8 minutes from the Blue Duck Inn, and is fully self-contained. They do breakfast and this can be pre-arranged. Else you take all your provisions. The Blue Duck Inn has a good restaurant and is open for Dinner and Lunch, and don’t open for breakfast.

Anglers Rest is some 726Kms and an 8.5 hour drive from Sydney, Forestville exactly.

It is also 30 Kms from Omeo, should you need to buy some supplies.

This event is open for booking. Just log onto our website and select the Big River event.

Gavin van der Wagen

The Blue Duck Inn. The 6 cabins are at top left of this photo.

The Cobungra River flows right past below the Blue Duck before entering Big River

An early morning shot taken from "The Willow" accommodation

Gin clear water further up Big River

Typical water on the Big River


Mitta Mitta Trip at End April 2023

This will be our tenth annual pilgrimage to Mitta Mitta.

It will be in on the Saturday, 29th April and out on the following Saturday, the 6th May 2023; so 7 nights all up at $385.
We will be staying at the “Pink House” which is just a stone’s throw from the Mitta Mitta Pub and Bistro; and in fact the mighty Snowy Creek; and also on a farm property just 5 minutes away. So just a short trip to quench your thirst or dine at their fabulous and reasonable Bistro.

Every attendee has their own bedroom.

You can take your own food and drinks, or you can eat at the Mitta Mitta Pub or a combination. Many members eat only at the pub. 
Further up the road, about 30 K’s, there is also a good pub at Eskdale (which you pass through) and also an IGA and fuel. Mitta Mitta has a very small and limited general store and fuel.
The local dairy farmers allow us to fish on their properties, so we have access to many spots without competition!
There are many river options to fish, including the Mitta Mitta, Snowy Creek (runs right past the pub and caravan park), Lightning Creek, Wills Creek, Little Snowy Creek (near Eskdale) etc.
It’s about a 7 hour drive and 646 kilometres away.

I will provide more information to the attendees as required and then prior to the trip.

This event is open for booking. Just log onto our website and select the Mitta Mitta event.

Gavin van der Wagen.

A lovely stretch of water on the Mitta Mitta River

The pristine Snowy Creek, which is an important spawning river for the area

We always meet for dinner on the first night, and most other nights, in the Bistro/Pub

Another popular stretch of water on a farmer's property on the Mitta Mitta


Sydney Fly Rodders Facebook Pages

We run two SFRC pages, one is our public page and it posts events and activities of the club. It also shares posts from other pages like CAS, DPI on things relevant to the places and areas that we fish.

I post some fly tying every now and then and share links to events I find that might be of interest to followers. This page is a little like our Web page, it showcases the club to attract members and provides details of club events. It has about 450 people following the page and any post will be seen by between 180 and 240 people.

We added another page. This is reserved for members only and cannot be seen by anyone outside of the group. You will need to send a request to join. Any member can post on this page and it is a great opportunity for members to put up a post or two about anything fly fishing. I would like to encourage members to use this page to post fishing reports or photos of flies that you tied. Being connected to other members you can ask for some casting or gear advice, or organise a short trip when you suddenly have some spare time.

There are also hundreds of other groups; bream on fly, carp on fly, bass, trout....areas like alpine trout, Sydney Kayak Fishing....fly tying groups, buy sell swap fly gear pages and individuals like Aussie Flyfisher, Sydney Flyfishing to check out. 

Phil Burton


Sydney Flyrodders Instagram Page

The Sydney Fly Rodders are now on Instagram. Many thanks to our Member Maddie Chew Lee, who offered to set us up and apply her significant experience with marketing and communications in particular within the social media space. 

Please follow the site and add your comments, and lets grow this platform for the club. It will also attract new members to the club.

Below is a snapshot of the site. We aim to sync (in particular look and feel) the Instagram account with our Facebook account and also our new Website, which I talk more about in the preceding section.


Sydney Fly Rodders WhatsApp Group

We have an Exclusive Group on WhatsApp for our Members, which is a great way to communicate informally and to share ideas, seek advice and also to plan and seek interest for impromptu/planned fishing trips.

I can highly recommend this to members. We have arranged a number of trips now from a weekends bass fishing through to a casual and social Sunday morning or afternoons fishing at Narrabeen Lake or Hen & Chickens Bay etc. And there could even be a BBQ thrown in for a social get together afterwards. This will happen on most if not all occasions.

Should you wish to be included in this group, then please email me to request your inclusion, quoting your mobile number which is required to link you into the Group. You will need to download the WhatsApp first if you haven't already done so.

Please contact me for inclusion.

Gavin van der Wagen

Editor, Flyrodder



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