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Sydney Fly Rodders Club

We are devoted to the sport of Fly Fishing. 

Our aim is to educate, facilitate and provide a space to connect with others who share the same passion.  Whether you've been fishing five seconds or a lifetime, we offer a range of activities for every angler both Freshwater and Saltwater.


Next Monthly Meeting

May's Members Monthly Meeting will be again "Live" at the Freeway Hotel on Monday, 9th May at 7:00 pm in our own private room. 

To assist new members, a panel of Club "old hands" will present the gear they carry, for example, safety equipment, tools and other bits and pieces.  The panel will take questions from the floors to add more detail or clarify what they use and how they do use it.

Not a member?  Have a look at snippets of past meetings.


Keep up to date with club news & events with our monthly newsletter ‘The Fly Rodder’.

Upcoming events


Check out some photos from our latest fishing events.

Latest from the web

We are committed to keeping our members informed of the latest advancements in Fly fishing techniques, equipment and ideas. 

Lubin Pfeiffer, who has presented to the Club several times, talks us through his Euro nymphing approach on the Meander River in Tasmania.


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