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Sydney Fly Rodders Club

The lakes, dams and streams of the central west are the heartland of trout fishing close to Sydney.  For years most streams were stocked and many of the impoundments were well recognised for their trout.  Changing attitudes and conditions have seen some streams now stocked with better suited natives, giving rise to a whole new fly fishing challenge.  While the long-term negative impacts of carp and redfin are well know, their presence in some dams and rivers, this has seen groups of fly fisherman intentionally targeting these species and each have their own challenges.  Recent years has seen drought conditions heavily impact the region but there are always some good fish about for those that persevere.

The Sydney Fly Rodders Club supports the local Central Acclimitsation Society (CAS) in conjunction with Department of Primary Industries (DPI )in stocking of our rivers and dams.

Here are some areas to explore and you’ll find more information on stocking and access at The Department of Primary Industries NSW.

Duckmaloi River, Duckmaloi

Stockings:  Brown and Rainbow trout.

Turon River, Capertee

Stockings:  Brown and Rainbow trout.  Murray cod.

Introduced:  Carp.

Bathurst area

Much of this region is now stocked with native fish and good populations of Murray cod and perch are also starting to appear. Carp still heavily populate some areas but can be a good fly target.

Lake Windermere

Stockings:  Golden perch.

Lake Burrendong

Stocking: . Golden perch, Silver perch and Murry cod.


Stockings: Golden perch, Murry cod and Rainbow trout.

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