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Sydney Fly Rodders Club

Sydney and its surrounds provide excellent fishing for the fly angler.  There are fantastic opportunities to fish from the heart of the city to the fringes, where you could be a thousand miles from its centre. Shore based anglers have plenty of opportunities through out the urban areas of Sydney.

The Sydney region, including Pittwater to the north, Port Hacking and Botany Bay to the south and of course the beautiful Sydney Harbour, have incredible seasonal fishing.  There are migratory and pelagic species such as Australian Salmon, Tailor, many species of Tuna and the mighty Kingfish which provides entertaining and often "drag" destroying fun throughout the year.  The bait balls that appear in the lower reaches of Sydney Harbour can be exceptional in size and it is common to pull multiple species off the one bait ball.  So there is plenty of good fly fishing right on our door step here in Sydney and you don’t need any special gear, six-weight trout gear works well, and an old leader extended with some six pound line is all you will need.  Spend some to find a local spot and work out what works, many places offer access to coastal and estuary sand flats and give you plenty of room to cast and pick up a fish.

The supple approach is not limited to gear, you can catch bream, perch, bass and carp on tiny dry fly patterns at time.

Here is a sample of what’s on offer and some tips to get you started.


Wow, catch a big one and you will wonder why we are not out every day chasing these fish.  Grab your rod and the old bread and head to the bay.  Toss out some bread as burley, small constant amounts are better than sporadic chunks, and soon you will have attracted some fish.  An old orange bag tied to your belt with some old bread while you wade is a great way to fish, it lets a little out all the time while letting you concentrate on fishing.

Use the hurl at the base of a white saddle feather dubbed onto a 12 or 14 hook or a bit of off-white wool to make an easy bread fly.  Go light, take your trout gear and see how tight your casting needs to be.  Some days your little bread imitation will be ignored, if its drifting unnaturally, so practice drag freeing your drift.

While fishing for Mullet, Bream of any size will turn up and expect other surprises, Luderick, Trevally, Tailor and EPs.


A real come back species around Sydney and one of the few land-based saltwater targets that can get to significant sizes. Your fly needs to be a meal to these fish, big silicon head flies or flashy profiles. Lots of casting around structures like bridge pylons and plies might get you a hit and night is the popular time for them


Bass are a popular target on fly.  In summer they hit a surface flies, but you need to be right up in the snag.  Other times of the year they are feeding on small bait fish and patterns slowly worked close to a snag or rock wall can get some good fish.  They migrate from fresh water to the salt water estuaries to breed in winter then back into fresh water for the summer months and can be found in many fresh water bush streams around Sydney.  They have a closed season and can’t be taken during their spawn run.

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